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It Is My Heart Singing (2006)
Performers: Stephen Manes (Piano), Muneko Otani (Violin), Jennifer Leshnower (Violin), Tawnya Popoff (Viola), Caroline Stinson (Cello)

Delight of Angels (2006)
Performers: Muneko Otani (Violin), Jennifer Leshnower (Violin), Tawnya Popoff (Viola), Caroline Stinson (Cello)

Paper, Glass, String & Wood (2006)
Performers: Muneko Otani (Violin), Jennifer Leshnower (Violin), Tawnya Popoff (Viola), Caroline Stinson (Cello)

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Label: Albany Records
Released: June 1, 2006

"Expressive, vivid music for string quartet, masterfully performed by the Cassatt String Quartet." --Philadelphia Inquirer

Born in Stockholm, Sweden, of American parents, Davidson spent her first three years living in the town of Malmo on the Baltic Sea. She later lived in Istanbul, Turkey, and, as a teenager, in Wurzburg, Germany and Tel Aviv, Israel, finally settling down in Oneonta, New York. Her mother, a professor of English literature, recognized her musical talents and started her on piano at an early age. She studied later at the Wurzburg Conservatory and Tel Aviv University. In the early 1970s, she went to Bennington College, Vermont, where she studied with Henry Brant and Vivian Fine. Over the years Davidsonís music has been commissioned and performed by the Philadelphia Orchestra, the American Composers Orchestra, Relache Ensemble and Orchestra 2001, among many other ensembles. She has created works of integrity and fascination, honing an individual and expressive style. She has an ear for vivid harmonies and colors. Full of tender, haunting melodies that grow expansively, generously and graciously, her music is real, harmonic and sophisticated. Here are three works performed by the renowned Cassatt Quartet, now celebrating its 20th anniversary. In Paper, Glass, String and Wood, all twelve parts are played, through over-dubbing, by the Quartet, revealing its famed virtuosity and commitment to challenging, original new music.

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