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1. Dig Deep [13:53]
Ethel: Ralph Farris, Dorothy Lawson, Todd Reynolds, and Mary Rowell

2. Four Marys [10:48]*
Cassatt Quartet: Jennifer Leshnower, Jennifer Kloetzel, Muneko Otani, Jennifer Kloetzel

3. Early That Summer [12:03]
Lark Quartet

Four Marys was inspired by my love for the mountain dulcimer, a 3-stringed lap instrument from Appalacia. There are no folk tunes in Four Marys but the musical material is derived from gestures that are characteristic of dulcimer playing - the crying quality of the sliding melody string, the mesmerizing strumming of the drone strings. The title Four Marys is the name of a Scottish folk tune that I heard Jean Richie sing and play on mountain dulcimer.

Four Marys was commissioned by the Cassatt Quartet with funds from the Koussevitzky Foundation.

Total Playing Time [36:46]

Label: Cantaloupe
Released February 11, 2003

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