Wear on Galileo Panerai Luminor 1950 Tourbillon Gmt Titanio 47mm watch every man is a genius

New Replica Galileo Panerai Luminor 1950 Tourbillon Gmt Titanio 47mm watch design excellence, although the large size and weight is relatively lightweight; comprehensive and diverse, when mounted, minutes, small seconds, GMT.
Both day and night time display and six days power reserve, power reserve display at the back and equipped with tourbillon device. Replica watches so intricate work is because our German designers continue to streamline design, committed to improving the wristwatch and make P.2005 / T movement to perfection, carved out of lighter style but contains Panerai watch.
The brand new special edition replica panerai watch with a diameter of 47 mm classic Luminor 1950 case in titanium metal manufacturing, anti-allergy, anti-erosion, its weight is more than 40% lighter steel. To further reduce the weight of the watch, our innovative technology inside the hollow case, and sketched out a very complex geometry, while retaining excellent waterproof watch case, the use of titanium metal powder layer by layer configuration of the optical fiber laser technology into perspective Components. Each layer of material is only 0.02 mm thick, the fusion becomes solid titanium. It manufactures conventional techniques can not be made, the weight of more compact, flawless uniform appearance. Equipped with Panerai P.2005 patent Tourbillon manual winding mechanical movement for the first time P.2005 / T posture debut. Movement for the hollow design, and equipped with a lower density of titanium metal and plywood deck to replace the commonly used density was twice as high as brass, so that the weight ratio of the movement P.2005 / S skeleton movement lightweight 35%.

Replica Galileo Panerai Luminor 1950 Tourbillon Gmt Titanor 47mm watch from the deck of the ultimate lightweight, plywood and barrel are made of hollow design, located at nine o'clock position through the small seconds, showing the interior of a small display Tourbillon operation of the apparatus; three o'clock position with another small dial, and the central second time zone (GMT) marked circadian pointer. Replica Galileo Panerai Luminor 1950 with up to six-day power reserve, barrel by the three connected drive. Through the sapphire crystal case back, the back of the movement can be seen particularly dynamic storage display settings. Hollow watch exquisite craft highlights the positive and negative sides of the magnificent detail views barrel in swirling gossamer gear precision machinery and dance works, and tourbillon cage rotates beauty. This works by Panerai Tourbillon unique, different from the traditional tourbillon. In order to better compensate for the effects of gravity on the escapement device is operative to generate, as well as ensure that the watch is accurate travel time, tourbillon frame perpendicular to the axis of the balance wheel online, rather than in a parallel manner, but also to a rotation every 30 seconds circle with one rotation per minute tourbillon very different tradition.
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