2017 SIHH only two months away from the time, then it is time for the annual watch industry event in advance of the warm-up look. Famous watch maker Panerai to retro-based elements, bringing a new Radiomir Series 3 chain Acciaio Brevettato PAM685 and PAM687 watch. Then we, as the largest replica watches manufacturers and suppliers, the same will be the first time in the launch of panerai replica watches, dedicated to the world of fake panerai watches collection enthusiasts.

The new Panerai Radiomir 3 Days Acciaio 3-day power storage stainless steel watch for the Panerai Nuosha Tail watch factory developed two special edition, for the first time all the important features of the prototype watch to reproduce the front, adhering to the watch's unique personality, Allowing collectors to fine Panerai history of a wonderful chapter.

Replica Radiomir 3 Days Acciaio Watch, is a 12-sided matte steel frame, polished smooth edges and corners, engraved with the same historical prototype of the font. Screw-in table fixed on the Replica Radiomir classic pillow-shaped watch case twisted ring, and as the lower part of the case with a screw-type bottom cover is connected, fully copied panerai Radiomir prototype watch, elegant and symmetrical, three-tier structure From the side of the case clearly visible. The shell is also made of stainless steel, 47 mm in diameter, detachable linear watch ears, easy to replace the durable brown leather strap, strap decorated with light brown sutures, equipped with large single-pin buckle.
PAM685 watch is a standard black disk, with a light brown luminous part; and PAM687 watch, is used in brown-based "warm tone", which means to imitate the passage of time in the paint material Watch the disc appears on the discoloration effect.
The rest of the Replica Radiomir 3 Days Acciaio Watch includes a large 47mm case, an organic resin glass mirror, a linear ear, a seconds-free time indicator and an oversized onion crown. The design elements on the replica watches factory all the time across the era of return again.
Understanding the history of diving watch should know that the last century when the human set foot in the deep sea, Panerai has already opened its history diving watch. The original Radiomir range is a good example of a supplier of the Royal Italian Navy with its unique 12-bezel bezel engraved with a patented "Brevettato" design statement in case some naval divers want to replicate it , Or to do some other things like. Our panerai replicas designers are immersed in the re-design of these will be elegant Italian military-class design and the perfect blend of the cause of the watch style, and the new Panerai Radiomir Series 3 Days Acciaio Brevettato PAM685 and PAM687 watch, Panerai features excellent chronograph.

Replica Panerai PAM00685 RADIOMIR 3 DAYS ACCIAIO 47mm watch

ID: Replica Panerai PAM00685 Watch
Movement: P.3000 manual winding mechanical movement
Features: hours, minutes
Shell Features: AISI 316L matte steel
Diameter: 47 mm
Dial: Black, luminous Arabic numerals and hour markers
Power reserve: 72 hours
Waterproof performance: 30 meters

Dial design is also drawn from the history of the prototype watch, constitute another charming retro elements. Extremely simple appearance, with a unique "sandwich" structure, the scale and scale of extreme clarity extreme. Dial with the same history as the prototype black (PAM00685), or Panerai new gradient brown (PAM00687), reminiscent of radium-based luminous material Radiomir, black dial in the historical prototype of the effect of blooming light. Watch the bottom of the large sapphire crystal glass, can clearly see the movement of the state, the movement diameter of 16 ½ law points, hidden in the large matte sandwich components also have a large diameter balance of 13.2 mm balance wheel, and two Three-day power reserve to provide the spring barrel.
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