48mm Diameter Replica Panerai Limited Collection

Some Peinahaite all genes, are reflected in this Replica Panerai Limited Collection PAM00396 watch out, this fake watches with 48 mm ceramic shell, with natural leather strap watch without special treatment, and to be with adjustable PVD coated stainless steel clasp.
Replica Panerai Limited Collection PAM00396 is a shell of zirconium powder as the ceramic base material synthesis, after a series of complex processing and surface treatment procedures and the formation of uniform and smooth matte black appearance, while hardness, scratch resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature, etc. all have very excellent 904L steel rolex replica watch performance.
Fake Panerai Limited Collection PAM00396 watch black face plate design is extremely simple, refined, pointer and scale using the same Panerai iconic simple design, powerful features to meet the luminous reading in dark conditions need. The iconic bridge protecting the crown Panerai has become a popular pursuit of a classic big reason, but also with a natural leather watch strap without special treatment, and with adjustable PVD coated stainless steel clasp, the user wearing the process will be more comfortable. Features dual time zone convenient to a lot of business people who travel frequently, this section Replica Panerai Limited Collection PAM00396 watch the three o'clock position facet disk can display day and night departure point by adjusting the arrow pointer can choose home time zone , now this is very general. Such as a collection of super-sophisticated Tourbillon complicated watches, six o'clock position Tourbillon obvious words, but it is worth mentioning that the nine o'clock position of the small seconds is also an innovative design, which consists of a series of dot mark composed pointer tourbillon link, so it is twice the speed of operation of the second hand, that revolution every 30 seconds. Watch dodecagon bottom of the twelve edges are made of titanium (covered with PVD coating), provided the central sapphire crystal window through which to watch the watch factory own internal P.2005 movement. In this Replica Panerai Limited Collection PAM00396 watch, first introduced Panerai P.2005 / B version of the movement. This movement after blackening treatment, so as to maintain continuity with the aesthetic matt black surface of the watch case. Through the sapphire crystal window you'll see a golden arc of the dial indicator within the movement it shows the remaining power reserve. Watch equipped P.2005 / B self-winding movement, the oscillation frequency of 28,800 times per hour, jewel bearings 31, the barrel 144 may be connected to three hours long power reserve.
ID: Replica Panerai Limited Collection PAM00396
Movement Type: Automatic mechanical Cal.P.2005
Gender: Men
Movement thickness: 9.1 mm
Vibration frequency: Oscillation frequency 28800 per hour
Shock: KIF Parechoc
Number of jewels: 31
Number of parts: 243
Power reserve: 144 hours
Diameter: 48 mm
Housing material: Ceramic
Face plate color: black
Watches Mirror Material: Sapphire crystal glass
Back through: Back through
Water resistance: 100 meters
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