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Sandwich, by definition, is a sandwich-type structure. That Fake Panerai Watches Why use this sandwich sandwich structure? In fact, the design of the mind, or out in the functional considerations developed in order to ensure that users (that is, the original sailors) even in low light conditions can also be clearly legible time. Structural sandwich dial is very simple, consisting of upper and lower disk composed of two overlapping upper carve out the numbers on the dial scales as timely, in fact, a lower base plate, between two layers of the disk, place a large number of luminous material, can also be the luminous substance placed on the dial engraved groove that is luminous layer. Such light luminous material can be on top of the disk from the corresponding hollow timing and scale of the digital transmission out. This design has two advantages, first, the luminous material more than an ordinary disk, and can collect in the same night light and durable; second, to focus light produced by revealed by such design, showing the maximum extent the resolution read performance. Therefore, the sandwich dial is not only beautiful, but also functional class!
Sandwich dial is a general term, as far as I know, there are two forms (please correct me if wrong), stacked and filled. Cascading very good understanding, carve the upper disk, luminous intermediate layer, the lower denture base layer, layering dial is easy to see the top of the dial is engraved before, thus revealing the following luminous layer, on behalf of watch styles is Replica Panerai Luminor-PAM00111.
Filled, it is in the processing of intermediate luminous layer, a large amount of luminous matter, will carve the air at the top of the right amount of padding to fill even bulge, on behalf of watch styles are Replica Panerai-PAM00005 Watch. From two kinds of sandwiches forms opinion, when the structure is the same, but in the process the intermediate luminous layers, different methods, resulting in the effect of rendering the disk is not the same. This leads to some form of Friends of the view that the disk is not filled sandwich dial, this statement is not correct. Personally I think that filling in materials, process and luminous effect is absolutely not lose perspective cascading. Cascading effect may show better, so most prefer the Friends table stacked dial it.