Replica watches shock everyone has been relatively overlooked a small detail, Replica Panerai Pam00441 Watch like as a large diameter watch people must not miss this brand, because it always gives a sense of masculine atmosphere, then his movement shock function is kind of how it ?

What is the role of the watch is shock? As the name suggests, the role of shock absorbers is to prevent shocks lead to watch watch failure. Principle is through elastic shock absorber spring, so vulnerable in a collision pivot up and down movement of the space will not have a break and plastic deformation. Replica Panerai Pam00441 Watch escapement can say is watch the heart, is the most vulnerable part, so the shock protection is Replica Panerai Pam00441 Watch escapement, shock though not hundred percent, but at least partially offset by external shocks, vibrations on the watch will minimize damage.
Horseshoe shock can be said to be the most common shock absorbers, and many are used in this ETA movement shock absorbers, shock effect is said to be close to perfect level, before the domestic watch is also done to avoid a similar style shock absorber, but slightly longer than the standard Inga Bluff shock absorbers more. ETA movement, there are many fake watches are based on the horseshoe-shaped shock absorbers, but also the most widely used as a shock absorber, most have adopted this high-class brand shock absorbers, as best Panerai Pam00441 watch, triangle suspension is the lowest price shock absorbers, as well as practical experience through the network information table of the faithful, the horseshoe-shaped shock absorbers and shock effect, KIF no difference, because of its low price, so now many cheap panerai replica watches uses a triangular shock absorbers, not only reduce costs, but more convenient in fake watches maintenance time.
In fact, the choice of shock absorbers for the performance impact replica watch is unlikely, but know a little shock of knowledge is still very necessary, KIF shock the general assembly at the high end replica watch, the horseshoe-shaped shock absorbers general assembly in the high-end replica watch the triangular shock absorbers general assembly in some of the entry-level replica watch

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