Panerai in May 2016 launched a series of surprisingly unusual new watch, in which ultra-thin watches Panerai Luminor Due completely different from the usual Italian navy divers DNA, can be said that the strategic transformation Panerai key products. Then followed the subsequent market also appeared high quality replica panerai Luminor Due Slim watch, we have to observe how these kind of copy quality

Panerai Luminor Due Panerai version of the ultra-thin watch, in essence, is the traditional Luminor 1950 series thin version, Luminor outline remains, from the front, dial, crown for the bridge locks are almost the same, at 9 o'clock arrangement small seconds, but with a slim profile. Decrease in size than the previous generation, making it suitable to wear like an ordinary watch, but not a professional naval equipment looks like. Therefore, this watch brand Panerai is maturing beyond the original group of hardcore fans, looking more like friends watch. Replica Paneiai Luminor Due Watch two versions, 42 mm and 45 mm manual-winding self-winding models, although Panerai Luminor Due dial or traditional sandwich structure, but its light gray color and pattern sun brushed surface treatment but give it a more refined feel. This is certainly not a traditional military tone watch.
Paneria Luminor Due watch thickness thinner than traditional Luminor 1950 by 40%, reduced from 10.7 mm 17.95 mm, low center of gravity, they are able to close on the wrist. But although it is slim watch, but the larger case size, 42 mm manual models, automatic models full 45 mm. Although 42 mm manual models than most conventional watches are big, but placed next to a 45 mm automatic models, it immediately becomes pocket. Automatic Replica models on the market Paneiai Luminor Due Watch is a more attractive version, because it is closer to the size of a traditional Panerai watch. Automatic models structural changes in the movement more expensive, there are two barrels, providing a three-day power reserve, and an adjustable balance wheel. It is worth mentioning so that we are not satisfied with the Luminor Due watch 30 meters waterproof capability, which is very funny.
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